Over the 5 years game developing, we've released 8 games and there's more on the way!

Frank & the TimeTwister Machine

After being dragged to the TimeTwister Machine, Frank must fight his way back home!
Frank is a mutant rabbit created by Dr. Nefarious Brainy that must travel through space time and reclaim the TimeTwister machine parts in order to rebuild It and make It back home.

Ragdoll Simulator

Play as your favourite internet meme in an insane "ragdoll" style game!


Edgar is a 2D hardcore platformer game, where you'll play as a friendly alien who's trying to save his missing girlfriend Eve.
Our big head friend must go through hundreds of challenging levels, from a simple stone planet, to an entirely made of candy planet (it's a pity that Edgar is diabetic).Each planet will bring their own challenges and rules, and amazing special abilities, that will help our hero to overcome the difficulties and (try to) rescue his beloved Eve.
The game features a new level of difficulty, that will (almost literally) blow your mind!And if 200+ levels weren't enough, Edgar also brings epic boss fights, various worlds to be explored, insane achievements and a fantastic story that will not allow you to sleep until you see the end!


'My own little planet' tells the story of a lost boy who is trapped on a dark and strange world. Fight your deepest fears and find an exit to this madness!
Travel together with a lonely boy to a dark and strange world, where all of your fears and feeling takes the most terrifying form of existence. Without any memories nor guesses on how he ended up there, the boy must collect all the memories he finds in his way to put an end to this infinite loop of madness and fright.


--This game was developed for the independent game development company 'Ocosoft Games'--

In the year 2XXX, in the release of "Pai de Família 4", the evil Dr. Demalixo steals the movie, now it depends on Megamacho to save the day!


A short, but fast peaced horror game made in 48 hours!
This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2018 :D


Escort one of the prisioners of Julie to the end of her "fun house". Can you manage to beat the 10 rooms, in less then 10 seconds each?
A game made for a 48 hours Game Jam.
Game Jam theme : "10 seconds".


Help Shit boy to reach his lovely (but stinky) Shit girl on 10 all-out-shitting levels that will make you shit your ants! For real!